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  • Camels tour Morocco Desert
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    Sahara Spirit Travel

    For exploring the real experiencing Sahara desert of Morocco, a leading provider of curated and authentic traveling across all cities of Morocco.

  • Desert

    Where the desert and Atlas Mountains meet. An area is imposing and impressive to travel through the authentic Morocco desert really an exceptional saharaien landscape. The life is concentrated along the rivers...

  • Imperial

    The four imperial cities and desert without parallel; they are neither different; nor identical. They are built on the same earth; they stand under the same sun. It is difficult to decide upon a favorite...

  • Day Trips

    Since you think of get out of Marrakech. Take a lovely excursion to enjoy a great day from Marrakech, it’s could be a real experience to explore the Atlas mountain through its Berber valleys, Atlantic beach and majestic desert...

  • Sahara

    Morocco by its attractive landscape and nature, it also an interesting destination for exploring the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert. With camels through Sahara or mules through mountain...

  • Marrakech

    Depends the request of gusts there are multi choice of exploring and experiencing many activities around Marrakech such as hiking, quad driving and cooking class...


Welcome to Sahara Spirit Travel, for exploring the real experiencing Sahara desert of Morocco, a leading provider of holiday destination and authentic traveling across all cities of Morocco.

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Moreover explore the bustling souks of imperial cities, navigate the winding alleyways of ancient Medina (civil city), and venture from the breathtaking gorges of the Atlas Mountains to the soaring dunes of the Sahara desert.

By diverse team of travel professionals who speak your language, we have the experience and know-how to design memorable travel that is custom-built around your objectives. Friendly traveling organized a group tour, or visiting Morocco for a corporate spot which worth visiting, we will offer you genuine cultural adventures that beyond unforgettable and typical tourist tours to give you a interesting sensation of our culture in all of its authenticity... Read more

  • Trekking Atlas Mountains
    Trekking Read more

    Berber Villages & Green Valleys & Jebel Toubkal The High Atlas Mountains was near Marrakech then offer a finest and unforgettable trekking .deepening the request of gusts- trekking in the High Atlas Mountains; Anti Atlas mountains of Morocco. The trekking via diversities of landscapes of nature from lush valleys to barren rock. The trekking takes the visitor through the colorful Berber villages, over high and nice mountain passes slowly ascending to the highest point of 4,167m at the top...

  • Trekking Read more

    Sea sand trekking 9 Days / 8 nights The trekking in our Sahara for 6 days/5 nights through the wild desert by diversity of nature, which including the remote Erg chegaga or Zahar dunes. Its take 6 days to experience the vastness of Sahara desert which allows you to truly far away from civilization. Really nomadic experience and existence by relaxing in to the daily routine of trekking, and what we consider to be the luxuries of Saharan life style, building wild camps, cooking on the fire, enjoying sunset...